Coordinated Entry System

In 2018, Crossroads and the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless partnered to create the Coordinated Entry System. Coordinated Entry is a federal mandate that requires the state’s homeless service providers to integrate their efforts to achieve the following goals:

  • Make it easier for people to access services
  • Identify and prioritize services based on need
  • Make sure that people who need help the most, get help first

Individuals and Families Receive Tailored Services

As part of the Coordinated Entry process, housing stabilization case managers meet with individuals and families to better understand their specific circumstances and housing or service needs. Coordinated Entry staff utilizes evidence-informed assessment tools to prioritize clients on factors such as their history of homelessness, physical or mental illness and ability to live independently.

These assessments are used to determine the best resources and next steps to help the individual or family address and overcome their homelessness.

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