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Invest in your staff, culture

President Michelle Wilcox joins Providence Business News to talk about the importance of investing in and supporting frontline staff, especially in the social services field.

September 22, 2022

By Michelle Wilcox

Organizations – especially those that provide direct service to people in need – are only as strong as the people they hire. Like many service organizations, Crossroads has been impacted by changes to the workforce over the last three years. And while we’ve watched the landscape change around us, we’ve taken proactive measures to support our team and show real gratitude for their work to avoid the kind of crises in turnover that many of our peers across the country have experienced.

We gave employees time off, protected wages and made conscious efforts to ensure that we weren't falling into a trap of asking employees to sacrifice their own mental health in pursuit of our mission.

We know that our ream not only needs to believe in the mission of the organization, but also feel that they are in sync with the values if the organization. When we decided to focus on diversity, equity, diversity and inclusion with company resources - both human and financial - we sent a message to our team about what we feel is important too.

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