Are you a landlord with units available for rent? Rental assistance and special incentives are available when you rent to Crossroads' clients.

Renting with Crossroads

[A brief intro of the program and what it means to participate as a landlord partner of Crossroads.]


  • Consistent, on-time payment
  • Competitive rent
  • Review of all tenant applications
  • Designated contact for all participants
  • Damage cost assistance
  • Eviction cost assistance
  • No landlord showings necessary
  • Limited tenant interaction

Available landlord incentives

In collaboration with Amos House, Crossroads offers bonus incentives for landlords who choose to rent to Crossroads clients, including:

  • $3,000 signing bonus for the first unit leased for one year
  • $1,000 for each additional unit leased for one year
  • Up to $3,000 reimbursed per unit for necessary repairs

For more information, contact our Housing Navigation team at or 401-278-9703.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is required of a landlord to rent with Crossroads?

Just a few minutes speaking one of our Housing Navigators can get you set up in our system on the same day! Landlords only need to supply a current lead certificate, signed W-9 and participate in a safety inspection performed by our team. Contact our housing navigation team at or 401-278-9703 to get started!

Is Crossroads' Rental Assistance Program the same as Section 8?

No. although we do work with Housing Authorities and other Housing organizations, Crossroads' rental assistance is meant to be a short-term solution to help clients get back on their feet. In addition to financial assistance, Crossroads provides home-based case management and additional supportive services after the client is housed

Who pays first month's rent and security deposit?

In most cases, Crossroads will pay first month's rent and security deposit in the client's name.

Can I use my own lease?

If your lease follows Rhode Island General Law, yes! There are some programs that may require special lease modifications.

How much does Crossroads pay for rent?

Although there is some flexibility in what Crossroads can pay for rent, we are required to adhere to state and federal guidelines. Currently we are able to pay higher rents by using rent reasonableness (market rate comparables within zip code).

Who would pay for damages?

At the end of the lease term, the landlord will return the security deposit to the client minus any damages. In the event that damage to your unit exceeds the security deposit amount, the landlord can contact their designated Housing Navigator to discuss possible solutions. Crossroads may be able to assist beyond the security deposit with our incentive program.

Does Crossroads perform a background check?

Many of our clients will not pass a credit check, All other criteria may be determined by the landlord.

Are you a landlord who wants to rent with Crossroads?

Apartments are a critical element to fulfill our mission of securing stable homes for our neighbors in need. If you have available units you would like to rent through Crossroads, please contact