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Giving thanks: Catherine finds a home in time for the holidays

After her husband of many years passed away, Catherine found herself unexpectedly homeless. With the help of Crossroads donors, Catherine now has a place to call home for the holidays.

November 16, 2018

Catherine and Terrence were married for many years.

Together they built a life full of love, even as they struggled to make ends meet.

They worked hard: Catherine as a nurse in a local nursing home and Terrence loading trucks at a warehouse and taking odd jobs to keep up with their finances. Catherine and Terrence never had much, but they had each other.

Life changed in an unexpected way

As midlife approached, the years began to take their toll and life changed in an unexpected way.

Debilitating arthritis forced Catherine to retire early, in too much pain to care for her patients.

Then, the unthinkable happened: a sudden illness took Terrence’s life.

Just months after their 40th anniversary, Catherine found herself all alone.

Catherine found herself homeless just before the holidays

With great resilience she tried to keep going. But as bills kept coming and depression took its toll, Catherine couldn’t keep up. Before long, she lost the house she and Terrence had called home for decades.

With no one else to call family and no place else to go, Catherine found herself homeless just before the holidays. That’s when she decided to come to Crossroads.

Crossroads’ donors help Catherine find a place to call home

Thanks to our generous donors and the hard work of Crossroads’ case managers, Catherine now has a place to call home this Thanksgiving: Harold Lewis House.

At Harold Lewis House, Crossroads’ housing for over the age of 50 experiencing homelessness, Catherine has found a safe and secure place to live, surrounded by those who have seen similar circumstances—people she can call her family.

Because of your loving support, Catherine will enjoy a Thanksgiving meal surrounded by her new “family,” safe and warm in her new home.

And for that, and for so many reasons, we are thankful this season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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