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Donor Spotlight: Ed Jankowski

This month, we spoke with one of our amazing donors, Ed Jankowski, to learn more about what inspires him to give to Crossroads. Check out what he says is his "why" for being one of our long-time monthly supporters.

February 18, 2022

What inspired you to give your first gift to Crossroads RI?

For many years, my wife, Joyce, and I lived in many parts of the country due to my job related to providing federal housing for the US Navy. During our travels, we saw many areas where available and affordable housing was really lacking. When I lost my wife in 2007, I wanted to use the extra funds to support others in need and that is when I discovered Crossroads Rhode Island. Continuing our work to help individuals and families to find housing was something I thought would put a smile on Joyce’s face.

What interests you most about Crossroads' mission?

In my job, I was fortunate to help many young military couples and families to find housing and saw how much it reduced their anxiety and burden while they were relocating. Often, their first stop was the housing office. As the Housing Director, I also helped to connect them with other services on base. So, what I love about Crossroads is all the different things it does to support individuals and families in need. It’s like an octopus, with different tentacles providing education, job training, shelter and housing. I am very grateful to do my small part in supporting a very important mission.

How do you feel your giving and particularly monthly support impacts our community and those in need?

I’ve been a monthly donor for 8 years and feel proud that I am doing my small part in helping the organization to do important work and to support individuals and families year round. Monthly giving is a very satisfying way for me to give what I am able now and I also have named Crossroads in my estate plans, so that Joyce and I can continue to make a lasting impact on our community.

What is your favorite spot in RI?

When we first returned to the East Coast, we lived near the Naval Base on Acquidneck Island. When I retired, we found the small country town of Hope Valley, which has been my home since 1999. It’s an ideal place if you like trees, deer, raccoons and squirrels!

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