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Corporate Spotlight: Groov-Pin

We are proud to have Groov-Pin as one of our presenting sponsors for Women Helping Women! This month, we were able to sit down with Groov-Pin to talk about our 12-year partnership with their company.

May 06, 2022

Tell us why housing is an important philanthropic focus for Groov-Pin.

Housing is a critical aspect of being able to come to work “on purpose.” We have expanded our wellness program to focus on pillars of health beyond physical fitness. Our program encompasses physical, mental, social, and financial health. Housing and financial security have a great impact on our overall wellbeing. We promote a culture of wellbeing that goes beyond exercise and healthy eating. When basic needs such as housing are being met, personal wellbeing is greatly improved.

What impact do you hope your support will have in the community?

We hope that our support will serve as an example for our team and for our peers. We hope it inspires others to get involved in their communities in a meaningful way. Whether they lend support financially or by donating time or resources, anyone can get involved.

How long has Groov-Pin been partnering with Crossroads?

We have been involved with Crossroads for 12 years, now, beginning in the wake of the last big recession. Tragically, more than one team member lost a house during that recession and it was a stark reminder how homelessness can impact those around us. Additionally, some members of our team have been able to refer people they care about to Crossroads to help escape domestic violence for a new start.

What do you wish people knew about homelessness?

Attending Crossroads events has been both fun and eye-opening. Listening to stories from Crossroads' clients has made it clear that those affected by homelessness are people like us, especially women with families. We have come to understand the simple answer to ending homelessness — is housing.

Tell us why partnering with Crossroads is valuable to Groov-Pin.

Volunteering brings an aspect of meaning to being part of the team. As social health is an aspect of our wellness program, it’s important that we facilitate opportunities for our team to work together and give back to the community. Doing good for others is also good for you! While our company values are on display for our team to see every day, partnering with Crossroads and getting involved with the community allows Groov-Pin leaders to follow through on living our values.

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