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Celebrating strong female leadership at Crossroads

We asked the women of Crossroads' leadership team about their "why" when it comes to their passionate and committed approach to Crossroads and helping those in need.

March 17, 2023

Crossroads is proud to have such strong female representation on our leadership team as we work to achieve our mission of helping homeless or at-risk individuals and families secure stable homes. These women provide essential guidance to our agency and our community, and help shape dialogue and policies on how we can end homelessness in Rhode Island.

As we continue to celebrate Women's History Month, we asked the women on our leadership team to describe their "why" when it comes to their passionate and committed approach to Crossroads and helping those in need.

Marcia Marino, Vice President of Finance

I love working at Crossroads because I continue to be challenged and learn something new every day. Our organization is mission driven and that is apparent when I think about the changes and growth I have seen over the last 14 years.

Jenna Nutting, Vice President of Support Services

I love to do the work that I do because I am passionate about making sure that individuals and families have access to housing and are able to sustain their housing. Our services can be the linkage that many people need to end their homelessness. It is important to me to advocate for policy changes that will directly impact the people that come to our doors and alleviate any barriers they may experience due to systemic policies.

Karen Santilli, CEO

I got involved in Crossroads when the number of women experiencing homelessness was increasing in Rhode Island. I felt compelled to do something to reverse this trend. I am honored to work with so many amazing women who lift each other up and support one another in this incredibly difficult work.

Jennifer Watkins, Vice President of Emergency Shelter and Housing Problem Solving

My "why" for working at Crossroads is the people we serve and the people I work with. I am a true believer that everyone deserves a safe, warm place to lay their head and store their personal belongings regardless of their situation. Most times if they have a place to leave their “baggage,” both physically and mentally, they can then deal with the other crisis situations like physical and mental health, and employment. My coworkers are amazing superheroes (without capes) who make Crossroads a great place to work!

Michelle Wilcox, President

When I first started working for the organization in 1993 (it was called Travelers Aid of Rhode Island back then) I felt so lucky to be able to have a positive impact on people who were most in need, in my community. I am happy to say that I still feel that way today, and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to spend my career working with such amazingly talented and impactful professionals, doing work that really makes a difference. I believe that every person has a right to a home, and the work we do at Crossroads helps ensure that those experiencing homelessness have access to safe, affordable, permanent, housing. We are changing lives for the better every single day, and being a part of this team has made my career more rewarding and fulfilling than I ever could have imagined.

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