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A Happy Ending: Stacey and John's Story

Stacey and John's journey at Crossroads from homelessness to stable housing.

February 01, 2019

Stacey and John worked hard for the life they had together, but it was always a struggle to make ends meet. With their two young sons both under the age of four, the parents worked harder and harder, trying to pay for their mortgage, keep the lights on and care for their children.

Then the worst happened. They didn’t know what to do.

The flood

One evening during a bout of bad weather, Stacey and John’s home flooded. For the family, the damage wasn’t just heartbreaking, it was catastrophic.

They had lost everything, and they did not have the means to start all over again.

From bad to worse

The night of the flood, Stacey and John dipped into what little savings they had to afford a hotel room. Unsure of where to turn next, Stacey cried with her husband in the hotel bathroom as their sons slept.

Stacey and John decided to live off their limited savings, fearful of what would happen to their family if they went to a shelter. The family hoped they would be able to find a solution on their own.

But things went from bad to worse. Stacey and John were unable to keep up with their work, causing them to lose their jobs. The family soon ran out of money to stay in the hotel, forcing them to live in their van. It was only when there wasn’t a cent left for food that Stacey and John decided to come to Crossroads.

Stacey and John’s family arrive at Crossroads

When Stacey and John’s family first arrived at Crossroads, they felt defeated, heartbroken at what they had to go through.

But it wasn’t long before everything started to change for the better.

The family spent a month in Crossroads’ Family Center and worked with Crossroads staff to find a place to call home.

A happy ending

A few, short weeks later, Stacey and John’s family moved first into Crossroads’ transitional housing and, finally, into an apartment of their own.

By the time they moved back into stable housing, Stacey and John re-entered the workforce and began pursuing their college degrees.

Today, Stacey and John, live with their now-teenage sons in an apartment of their own, thankful that they were able to come to Crossroads for a new beginning.

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