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When you do, you give the gift of warmth and safety to your neighbors and their families. For as little as $15, you can bring real comfort and joy to people in need. Consider adding Crossroads to your list this holiday season.

Warm Socks

Gift Item #001

Warm Socks

For many of us, socks seem basic—disposable, even. But for someone who is homeless and down to one threadbare pair in the dead of winter, thick new socks are a gift. For pocket money, you can make someone’s feet a little happier this winter.

Donation amount: $15

Sturdy Shoes

Gift Item #002

Sturdy Shoes

If you have only one pair of shoes, they’ll wear out fast if you walk through rain and snow to GED classes, employment training or job interviews. Help someone keep their feet warm and dry by providing new shoes as they take steps toward housing stability.

Donation amount: $34

By supporting Crossroads Rhode Island, you will help our neighbors move from homelessness to home.

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Gift Item #003


Most of our homeless neighbors do not have their own vehicles. To keep an appointment to see their children’s physician for a sick visit or to meet with a potential employer for a job opportunity, they rely entirely on public transportation to get them there. To help these folks get to these important places, you can give a one month bus pass to a thankful person.

Donation amount: $68

Showers and a night’s rest for a family

Gift Item #004


Each month, Crossroads spends hundreds of dollars to run the water, stock the soap and shampoo, and launder towels, sheets and blankets in our shelters. Help us provide a clean, comfortable haven for a family in transition.

Donation amount: $80

Over the course of this year, about 4,000 individual Rhode Islanders  men, women and children  will experience homelessness at least once.

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Child’s winter clothing kit: jacket, boots, scarf, mittens

Gift Item #005

Hats and Mittens

Kids often protest, “I don’t want to wear my mittens!” But children know that winter is bitter when their mittens have holes . . . their jacket no longer fits . . . and their boots leak. Help keep a child warm and dry this winter, from head to toe.

Donation amount: $100

One week of basic services in our Women’s Shelter

Gift Item #006

Women's Shelter

Single women are one of the faster growing populations new to homelessness in Rhode Island. Our Women’s Shelter provides basic, and important sources of assistance like a private shower and area to get changed, sleeping quarters and a place to prepare for an interview that make life a little easier for these women in crisis. Help provide a week in our Women’s Shelter for one deserving woman.

Donation amount: $150

40% of homeless people in Rhode Island are families.

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Welcome Home kit for one family

Gift Item #007

Welcome Home Kit

You’ve finally gotten the key to your own place – one you can actually afford. But where will you get the money for the basics: towels, dishes, silverware, glasses, pots and pans? Help a formerly homeless family turn a new apartment into a real home.

Donation amount: $285

Healthy meals for four families for one month

Gift Item #008

Healthy Meals

Homeless individuals are beyond hungry; they’re also malnourished and unhealthy. Food isn’t the complete solution; healthy, nutritionally balanced meals are. Treat 4 families to good breakfasts and dinners for an entire month, and give the gifts of food and health.

Donation amount: $500

Of the population experiencing homlessness in Rhode Island, 1/4 are children. 48% of those children are under age 6.

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Operating expenses for one day at our Family Center

Gift Item #009

Electricity, heat, water, staff: without these behind-the-scenes basics, not a single homeless individual could live in our family shelter. Be a hero—keep our shelter ready to welcome families transitioning from homelessness to hopefulness.

Donation amount: $1,225

A gift for wherever the need is greatest

Gift Item #010

Send a gift amount of your choice to Crossroads Rhode Island, and we will put it to work securing stable homes for those who are homeless or at risk.

Donation amount: You Decide

Any gift, no matter how big or small, will make a difference to a person in need. Let's help our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

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