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Crossroads Rhode Island provides emergency shelter for families, individuals and couples experiencing homelessness.

Our goal is to help people move out of emergency shelter and into permanent, stable housing as quickly as possible. While we work on housing solutions with our clients, we offer them shelter that is safe, respectful and effective. We operate multiple shelters in order to best serve the specific needs of diverse situations.

Our Emergency Shelters include:

Operation First Step

Operation First Step assists individuals who are new to homelessness. We provide temporary shelter and support services to 10 men and 10 women while helping them find permanent housing as quickly as possible. Crossroads will provide these men and women with intensive case management and help them end their homelessness for good. In the majority of cases, once they become independent, they will never need our help again.

Harrington Hall

Harrington Hall is the largest shelter in Rhode Island, serving single men. Crossroads has been operating Harrington Hall since July 2016.

Women’s Shelter

Opened in 2008, our Women’s Shelter is designed for 41 women, featuring 10 shared bedrooms, one wheelchair-accessible single room, a common living room and an outdoor patio area. With increased need, it is not uncommon for the Women’s Shelter to be full beyond capacity, with women sleeping on mattress pads in our community room as well. Women staying in the shelter meet with case managers regularly and actively work toward securing a stable home as quickly as possible.

Citizens Bank Family Center

The Family Center at Crossroads Rhode Island manages several different programs for homeless families in Rhode Island. They include:

  • Emergency shelter and support for up to 15 homeless families
  • Transitional housing units for 17 homeless families located throughout Providence. Families are housed for up to two years while our programs and staff help them to move back into independence.
  • 5 permanent supportive housing units for families who have moved out of shelter.

Couples' Shelter

Crossroads offers the only emergency shelter for couples without children. Couples receive intensive case management in scattered site apartments and are moved into permanent housing as quickly as possible.

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