No home + No address = No school for children

 Help Rhode Island's most vulnerable individuals and families find a place to call home as they prepare to go back to school.


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Housing First

Crossroads Rhode Island follows a Housing First model. This means that our first goal when working with a person or family experiencing homelessness is to get them into housing as quickly as possible - additional supports can come after.

The Housing First model has been proven as the most effective method of insuring long-term housing stability. Research has continually shown that once a person is housed, their chances of becoming successful at finding and maintaining employment, getting medical attention, treating addictions, and improving other aspects of their life are exponentially better. Additionally, providing housing for the chronically homeless saves time and tax-payer money long-term, as it often results in reduced medical costs, reduced emergency room visits, and in many cases a gradual reduction of overall support.

Once a family or individual is placed into permanent, stable housing, Crossroads case managers continue to meet with them in their homes on a regular basis to provide intensive case management and help them maintain their housing status, keep them connected to Crossroads' programs and services, and meet other goals, such as gaining employment or education.

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