No home + No address = No school for children

 Help Rhode Island's most vulnerable individuals and families find a place to call home as they prepare to go back to school.


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"I'm so proud. My son just got a 100 on his test."

Crossroads Family Center works with each family to move them back into independence as quickly as possible.

Pedro and his wife beam with pride when talking about how well their son has been doing in school.

The trauma associated with becoming homeless is particularly hard on children and has a negative impact on their ability to do well in school. Crossroads Family Center staff work hard to minimize this impact by offering safe, respectful and effective programs and resources to homeless families. The Villa family participates in these programs and is looking forward to their own home where their son can do his homework.

To protect the privacy of our clients and residents, we have changed some of the names and details of their stories.

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