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 Domestic Violence is a leading cause of abuse for women, and your donation of any amount today can help a survivor access the critical services she needs to find safety, self-sufficiency and success.


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Becoming homeless is not something anyone plans. It can happen without warning, caused by a divorce, domestic violence, or a job suddenly lost … like Erika, who came to Crossroads with her daughter, Brittni, on a bitter January night, feeling scared and unsafe. Erika and Brittni, who was seven at the time, were living in a van because they had no place to call home.

Erika is like many of the people who come to Crossroads. By the time they come to us, they have exhausted their access to other sources of help. They are tired, frightened and desperate.

At Crossroads, Erika started to feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. “First, Crossroads made sure we were safe,” she says. “We stayed in their temporary housing until our case manager found us an affordable apartment. Then, with their help and support, I began to put my life back together.”

After receiving vocational counseling, Erika enrolled in Crossroads’ four-month copy and print training program. “It was a lot like going to a job. I came in early on the bus so I could start practicing what I’d learned. Ray Oleaga, my instructor, was fantastic!”

“I am optimistic about my future,” adds Erika. “Half of getting somewhere is doing something and trying.”

"I'll be moving over the summer! Once I completed the training program with you all and got this job, my father was pretty well convinced that I was serious about making some real changes in my life and has invited me to move into the family home! I'm THRILLED!!!"

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