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When Eric Wilcox came to Crossroads seeking services in October of 2007, he hadn’t worked in two years. Despite having his GED and three professional certificates, he hadn’t been able to find steady employment in any sector. While accessing Crossroads’ other services, Eric wanted to keep busy and knew he would need some further training to transition back into the workforce.

Eric Wilcox
Crossroads provided the support Eric needed to successfully transition back into housing and employment.

When he asked his caseworker about a flier he saw in the lobby advertising a computer certification program offered by another agency, she suggested he look into the training programs offered through Crossroads Vocational Services department. Eric had never considered working in the print industry, but thought the Digital Media Print Program sounded interesting, and upon beginning training, soon discovered an affinity for the field.

After working hard and completing the training program, Eric was recommended for a job by a Crossroads staff member who recognized his ambition and tireless work ethic. He held the job for two years and is now employed full-time with benefits. He earns enough to have a good quality of life, and hopes to move up within the company. With the confidence and stability he’s gained, Eric plans to continue his education in the Spring, though he’s still figuring out exactly he wants to study.

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