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Securing Stable Homes, 2014

A Report on the Housing First Model

In January 2013, Crossroads announced a new organizational mission focusing on “securing stable homes” for individuals and families who were homeless or at-risk, a shift from our former mission of providing essential life services for the homeless. This new focus on housing led to a transformation in the way we deliver services to our neighbors in need.

This report focuses on those in our community who are most deservedly served by this new model: the chronic homeless, individuals and families who have experienced multiple episodes of homelessness throughout their lives, and those who have lived on the streets or in shelter for too long. These are the people who have the most acute needs, yet are often passed over for housing.

We invite you to read our 2014 Report, Securing Stable Homes [PDF] to learn more our approach to ending homelessness. It is our hope that this report will help to emphasize that that only cure for homelessness is homes.

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