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Housing is Health, 2015

A Report on the Relationship Between Housing and Healthcare

"Helping homeless families and individuals secure stable housing is the mission of Crossroads Rhode Island. Improving the physical and mental health of the people we serve through secure housing is just one of the many benefits of helping to end their homelessness. Housing is not just a roof and four walls; housing is security, housing is peace of mind, and housing is health." - Karen Santilli, Crossroads Rhode Island President and CEO

In our 2015 Report, Housing is Health [PDF], we examine the impact that homelessness has on the mental and physical health of people who experience living on the streets, and how their overall quality of life improves when they become housed. In addition to increased life expectancy and more overall stability, housing leads to a decreased dependence on emergency systems such as emergency rooms and ambulances, which benefits everyone in the community by saving taxpayer dollars.

We invite you to read Housing is Health [PDF] to learn more about the inextricable link between housing and healthcare.

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