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Assessment Tools

Not all of the people we serve need the same kind of help from us in order to end their homelessness. We prioritize our clients based on their level of need, and establish a personalized case management plan.

Our assessment tools were developed by OrgCode Consulting using a wide body of social science research. They have proven effective at helping organizations like Crossroads improve outcomes by allowing them to focus their resources where they are needed most.


The tool we use upon first meeting and assessing a client is called the Vulnerability Index - Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool, or VI-SPDAT, for short. The VI-SPDAT functions as a sort of triage tool; it helps us determine the urgency of the client's need, and get an initial impression of how much intervention the client will need.


Upon intake, clients take the Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT or FSPDAT for families) survey with their case managers.

Questions on the SPDAT range from basic demographic information, to data used to assess a client’s ability to care for themselves and manage a home. These assessments help our case managers tailor the type of service needed and determine the most effective course of action for each individual or family.

The role of the SPDAT does not end there. At specific intervals throughout their involvement, clients are reassessed. This helps to decide how case plans should be adjusted and helps gauge client progress while in case management.

OrgCode’s SPDAT plays an important role in helping staff effectively quantify - not guess - what level of case management is needed at each step and at what point clients are truly able to care for themselves.

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