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News & Event

Press conference at Harold Lewis House

Crossroads Rhode Island held a press conference to unveil the 5 new housing units at the Harold Lewis House and to release the Report on Aging and Homelessness.

"They gave me a place to lay my head when I had nowhere to go". Terry, a resident of the Harold Lewis shared part of his story about how Crossroads Rhode Island, and in particular the Harold Lewis House made a difference in his life.

 Crossroads Rhode Island also announced the release of the' "Report on Aging and Homelessness".  With the number of homeless adults over the age of 50 rapidly increasing  and as more elders are becoming homeless for the first time, there is a need to raise awareness of this growing problem.

Located in the Knowledge Center, the "Report on Aging and Homelessness"  provides recent information on elderly homelessness and  the ways that Crossroads is providing solutions.

Speakers at this morning's press conference included:

  • Anne Nolan, President of Crossroads Rhode Island
  • Catherine Terry Taylor, Director of the Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs
  • Richard Godfrey, Executive Director, Rhode Island Housing
  • Jennifer Schanck-Bolwell, Vice President, Crossroads Rhode Island,
  • Terry Jones, a resident at Harold Lewis House

After the speaking portion was finished attendees were invited to tour the new units and take copies of the "Report on Aging and Homelessness"

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