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News & Event

Healthy Changes for Crossroads' Clients

On Tuesday July 13, Performance Physical Therapy visited the community room at Crossroads Rhode Island to teach clients about the health benefits of stretching. This program was made possible by the Covidien Partnership for Neighborhood Wellness grant received by Crossroads in January of this year. Covidien is one of the world's leading providers of healthcare products. Covidien's Neighborhood Wellness program focuses on providing communities in need with the funding and expertise necessary to implement quality healthcare initiatives. Crossroads is currently utilizing the Covidien grant to provide clients with overall health and wellness education programs on a weekly basis.

The interactive stretching class led by Dr. Michelle Collie, president of Performance Physical Therapy, allowed clients to engage in interactive stretching techniques that utilized common items such as chairs and doorways to maximize the benefits of stretching. Aided by two of her staff members, Dr. Collie provided the 20-plus clients with worksheets and water bottles to keep motivation active once the program concluded. Clients expressed a great interest in Performance Physical Therapy returning for future programming as well as reported learning valuable techniques for stretching and better overall health. Dr. Collie explained her satisfaction with the wellness program by saying, “If you help one person feel a little bit better, it's worth it.”

Other recently held wellness programs have included a Nutrition 101 class and a derma screening and sun safety program led by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health & Wellness Institute. Under the guidance of health educator Jeff Rodrigues, the Wellness Institute has been conducting health programs at Crossroads for over 5 years. At the most recent blood pressure screening held on July 20, over 30 clients received a blood pressure screening. Clients also received information about the importance of screening for hypertension as well as the availability of free blood pressure screenings at local fire stations and many drugstores.

You can get more information at their websites: Performance Physical Therapy, Covidien, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Health & Wellness Institute.

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