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Health and Wellness at Crossroads Rhode Island

For the past year, Crossroads has been coordinating weekly health programming sessions for our clients thanks, in part, to grants from Covidien and Rite Aid. Each week a different community partner provides programming on a variety of different health and wellness related topics such as blood pressure, nutrition, HIV/Aids, yoga, and diabetes. We have been fortunate to have specialists from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Pharma Resources, Performance Physical Therapy, Lifespan, and Miriam Hospital participate, and on average have 40 clients attend the programming each week.

Last week, the Minority Outreach Specialist from Lifespan Community Health Services came in to talk about domestic violence (DV) to our female clients. We had more clients than anticipated, but the number in attendance isn't what was successful about the session. The success of the session was based on how many clients opened up about their personal DV situations and asked questions on how they could get help. Several women cried throughout the presentation and several stayed after to ask questions. Judy*, a resident in the tower, approached the Outreach Specialist at the end of the session and shook her hand and thanked her for all of the information she provided. Judy had personally experienced violence recently and was now ready to receive more support. 

This wasn't the first time that a client had taken the next step in 

seeking help or medical attention after attending one of the health and wellness sessions. The program is a great example of Crossroads' values of safety, respect and effectiveness in use, and shows that by providing clients with such a seemingly simple service can motivate them to become engaged and take the next step in caring for their overall well-being. 

(*Please note that the client's name has been changed in order to respect privacy.)


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