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Building a “Healthy” relationship: How Crossroads Rhode Island benefits from its partnership with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

With funding support and technical assistance,  Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) has generously  aided Crossroads in providing wellness programming for the many clients that come through our doors each day.

Volunteers from all areas of health and wellness provide our clients with information relevant to their experience.  These programs are vital to those we serve as we assist them in becoming prepared on their journey towards a better quality of life.    

The programs have a wide range of topics that include; 

-          General Health & Hygiene        -     Safe Sex & HIV

-          Blood Pressure Screening         -     Derma Screening

-          Yoga                                                                           -     Relaxation & Stretching Techniques

-          Breast Cancer                         -      Prostate & Male Testicular Cancer

-          Domestic Violence                 -      Nutrition

-          Diabetes                                -      Glucose & Cholesterol Screening         

Many of our clients are eager for the next time they see these volunteers.  Learning new techniques and adjusting their lifestyle to be healthier despite the adversity they face each day. 

Clients also assist in letting us know topics that they encounter; pridefully letting us know how they have utilized the techniques they have learned courtesy of our health and wellness programming.

Thanks to funding from and the partnership with BCBSRI, our clients can live healthier and better prepared lifestyle as they move forward on their journey.

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