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Client Spotlight: Thomas Hunold

When Thomas Hunold became homeless, he had absolutely nothing left. Long gone was his financial success as a business entrepreneur who operated several successful martial arts schools. He used to pal around with sports celebrities, and he enjoyed a wonderful home, family life and beautiful children. Bad decisions and bad associates led him to ruin, and eventually, homelessness. “I had hit bottom,” Thomas says, “and I ended up in the Urban League homeless shelter. Luckily, I went to Crossroads to hang out during the day and meet with a case worker.” It was in the Crossroads Community Room that the outreach worker, Luis Pinto, reached out to Thomas and asked him if he would be willing to join in one of Crossroads’ neighborhood cleanup efforts. “I figured it was better to do something positive than to sit around doing nothing,” Thomas says, “and, I would have less chance of getting involved in something that might make my life worse. I just wanted to move forward, not get stuck.”
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