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Cardi's Furniture Delivers Comfort to Family Center

Our friends from Cardi's Furniture recently made a generous donation to our Family Center!
One of the many difficulties of homelessness is the loss of personal comfort, space, and privacy. No one knows this more than the families who find themselves at our Family Center in Providence, one of our two shelters for families experiencing homelessness.

Although each family has a private room which they share only with other family members (unless we are experiencing an overflow, an unfortunate situation that happens a few times a year when families have to double up and sleep in living rooms or conference rooms), the kitchen, dining areas, living rooms, computer rooms, and bathrooms are all shared spaces.

With as many as 15 families, each with at least one child, staying in shelter at once, it is not always easy to get comfortable!

That's why we are so thankful that our friends NIROPE from Cardi's Furniture recently made a generous donation of beautiful and comfortable furniture for our families in shelter to enjoy. Families staying with us were elated to see brand new couches, tables, and chairs delivered just for them.

This furniture won't solve their homelessness, but it will help make them a little more comfortable during a difficult time in their lives, and bring a bit of the comforts of home to them while they work with us to find permanent, stable homes.

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