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Success Story: Keeping the Family Together

One of the many difficulties of homelessness in Rhode Island and throughout the country is the struggle that families often face to stay together. This is the story of one family who overcame homelessness, together.

One of the many difficulties of homelessness in Rhode Island and throughout the country is the struggle that families often face to stay together. It is not uncommon that parents and children have to be due to shelter rules about gender or age differences, or a simple lack of space to accommodate an entire family together.

Crossroads client Kevin found success through housing and employment.

Kevin* came to us a year ago, in March of 2016. His family had struggled with homelessness for over two years. Kevin and his wife had gone from full-time employment to part-time employment to no employment. Towards the end of this chapter in their life, it took all of the fortitude and strength the two parents had to feed and protect their three children while keeping them healthy and together. Family was, and still is the most important thing to them, and staying together was all that mattered.

Kevin made the decision to move his family to Rhode Island even though they did not have a permanent place to stay. They had friends and family in the area, and while they could not fully rely on these relationships to support them, it was a smart and conscious decision to move to Providence.

When asked about the decision to move, Kevin said that it made sense for his children, so that they could be safe and get an education while he worked tirelessly to find employment and a home for all of them.

Luckily for Kevin and his family, he was referred to our housing department, and we were immediately able to place them in one of our two family shelters, where they could stay together.

As soon as they arrived at the family shelter, life began turning around for Kevin, his wife, and his children. Crossroads was able to find housing for the family, and within a week of moving in, Kevin found part-time work as a dishwasher.

The best part about the job was the security and the permanence that came along with it. Kevin’s job began midday and went long into the night, but he persevered and even went a step further.

In the mornings, after Kevin and his wife got their children off to school, Kevin would come to Crossroads, where he entered and completed the Janitorial Training Program.

Kevin spent his mornings educating himself and his afternoons and nights working. This hard work soon paid off in the form of a job opportunity at a hotel in Warwick.

In March 2016, the family was struggling to stay together and keep their family whole. By July 2016, Kevin was fully employed as a second shift janitor at the hotel and his family will be able to permanently and securely stay together through the housing opportunity afforded them by Crossroads and our generous donors.

Kevin isn’t the only one perusing a career with the help of Crossroads’ Education and Employment Services department; his wife just started attending our CNA Training classes! Their story is one of perseverance, success, and family.

While Kevin and his family have just begun the road to a new chapter in their life, there are always more families who need our help to end their homelessness. The work we do is possible only with the support of our caring friends and neighbors who wish to lend a hand up to people like Kevin.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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