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Client Success Story: Natalya

Natalya went from homeless to living in our Housing Tower, and furthered her education along the way!

As the weather began to turn cold in Rhode Island last November, Natalya found herself without a home. As a single woman with grown children, she came to Crossroads and was placed in our Women’s Shelter, which has space for up to 41 single women in need of emergency shelter.

While working with her case manager to find secure stable housing, Natalya enrolled in our Janitorial Training Program, which provides students with the skills, certifications, and experience that they need to become qualified candidates for employment in the janitorial field.

In addition to this training, Natalya started going to our Learning Center to prepare to get her GED. Although Natalya was educated at a university level in her home country of Russia, her lack of formal education in the United States has made it difficult for her to find gainful employment here.

Natalya studied for and passed practice online GED exams, which cost $6.00 per exam. Crossroads covered the cost of these exams. Official GED exams cost $30.00 per exam, but free vouchers are given out when a student is graded as “likely to pass” by scoring highly on the online practice tests. Natalya met those requirements and was able to take her official GED exams at no cost.

In February, she passed her official GED Math exam. In April, she passed her official GED Science exam. In order to complete her GED, Natalya still needs to take the Language Arts/Writing and Social Studies exams.

Last month, Natalya spent 42 hours in the Learning Center preparing for those exams. Her instructor described her as a very hard worker.

Recently, Natalya moved out of our Women’s Shelter and into her own room in our Housing Tower. In addition to ending her homelessness and furthering her education, she is expecting a grandchild at the end of this summer!

The training that Natalya has received from our Education and Employment Services department is made possible by our generous donors and dedicated corporate partners, including Bank of America Foundation, BJ's, Citizens Bank Foundation, Rhode Island Foundation, Amgen Foundation, and Walmart Foundation.

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