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Crossroads Rhode Island Blog


Crossroads Rhode Island Blog

Poem: The Meaning of Poor
By Crossroads Staff / March 29, 2016

by Audrey Amado

The Meaning of Poor

There are people of wealth

Dressed in silver and gold

With misconceptions of the word POOR

And its many stories untold

Being poor is not calculated

In the form of dollars and cents

Some may be poor though they’ve

More money than can be spent

Poor is the person…

With no love to share

Cold and empty thoughts

No kind words to spare

Poor is the person…

That loves but never enough

Will give a little of themselves

And bail when times get tough

Poor is the person…

That lies with no conscience

A complete disregard for others

Allowing no thought of their offense

Poor does not discriminate

Between my world and yours

Poor has a silent but profound approach

That appears in different forms

Being financially sound

Rich does not make

Without kindness and love to share

Wealth you’ll simply negate

Poor is not a lack of money

But a lack of worth for mankind

Open your heart and your mind

And the riches you seek you will find

Audrey Amado is the manager of our Women's Shelter, which opened in 2008 as a space for 41 women in need of emergency shelter. It is not uncommon for the Women’s Shelter to be full beyond capacity, with women sleeping on mattress pads in our community room as well. Women staying in the shelter meet with case managers regularly and actively work toward securing a stable home as quickly as possible. 

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