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Crossroads Rhode Island Blog

The cycle is broken: Hannah's Story
By Crossroads Staff / February 9, 2018

As Crossroads families move from shelter into stable housing, we don't often hear from them again.  So, we were pleasantly surprised and excited to see Hannah, a former client, standing at our door, recently, eager to share her story with us.  

When we first met Hannah, she was 14.

Hannah and her three siblings spent much of their childhood bouncing from town to town in southern New England, as their mother, a single parent, struggled to support them.  

During her early years, Hannah spent her nights at numerous homeless shelters. At their lowest point, the family lived in their car.  

Hannah's mother knew something had to change for her family. She turned to Crossroads for help. 

The cycle is broken 

Hannah's mother entered our Certified Nursing Assistant Training program. After earning her certificate, she worked with our Employment Specialists to find and keep a job.  

During this time, Hannah felt safe living in Crossroads' Family Shelter. The dedication and compassion of the shelter staff gave Hannah the motivation to do well in school, be a good role model for her siblings and find a way to give back to the community that was providing fresh start for her family.  
Soon enough, Hannah's family had all the tools they needed to find a home to call their own and they left Crossroads ready to start the next chapter of their lives. 

Where Hannah is today 

Hannah finished high school in Massachusetts, where she went on to be the first person in her family to graduate from college—with honors and a degree in nursing.  Today, she works as an R.N. while studying to get her Master's in pediatric nursing right here in Rhode Island!  
"I won't ever forget the kindness we received from your staff and facility," Hannah told us. "I will always keep in mind what my family had to go through. I know we didn't overcome these obstacles alone, and for that, I couldn't be more grateful to Crossroads Rhode Island. Thank you all once again for being here when we had no place to go." 

During their most difficult struggles is often where our clients find the strength to change their lives for the better. This month, Hannah's family reminded us that, with the right resources and determination, the harmful cycle of homelessness can be broken.

It is because of your support that we have stories like this to tell. You can help families just like Hannah's overcome homelessness and break the cycle.

Together, let's end homelessness in Rhode Island.

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