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Carole's Story
By Crossroads Staff / May 1, 2018

At 57, Carole Suddenly Found Herself Homeless

Carole spent 20 years working at an old-fashioned corner store where time stood still. A real “people person,” she remembered every customer, and loved giving peppermints to the neighborhood kids. The job didn’t pay much, but Carole was devoted to her work. She expected to be there until she retired.

But last fall, the store’s owner suddenly passed away—and it closed. 

At 57, Carole had no way pay her rent. 

Carole no longer knew how to look for work. During her 20 years at the corner store, time had not stood still. Few employers post “help wanted” ads in print newspapers today. And Carole had never used a computer or searched for employment online. 

After a few months, her landlord asked her to leave. Desperate and hopeless, Carole found herself with no place to go.

Every Gift Counts. 

Without you, Carole and hundreds of other Rhode Islanders—including many families with children—will experience homelessness in 2018.

You can help hundreds of individuals and families overcome their homelessness now by participating in Crossroads$100,000 Board Matching Gift Challenge. 

From today through June 30, every gift counts twice as much. For each dollar you give, Crossroads' board will match it up to $100,000. If enough friends like you pitch in, we’ll raise $200,000 by July 1. 

This funding allows Crossroads Rhode Island to provide emergency shelter, education and employment programs, supportive housing, and other essential life services to people like Carole with no place else to turn.

You can make a difference now. Double your impact on ending homelessness today

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