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Crossroads Rhode Island Blog

Sleepless in Seattle
By Crossroads Staff / August 24, 2018

Blog by Liz DeJesus, Crossroads’  Donor Relations and Direct Mail Specialist

Sleepless in Seattle


I'm spending part of my summer vacation visiting Seattle, Washington.  Seattle, a thriving city; notably, the corporate home-base of the ever-growing Amazon and Microsoft empires as well as UPS, Boeing Jets and lest I decline to mention, Starbucks - strategically (almost obnoxiously) positioned on every available street corner of real estate throughout the city.

Not so strategically placed on nearly every available corner of downtown Seattle, however, are a myriad of displaced individuals who clearly have no home-base to call their own. They sort through garbage receptacles for trashed morsels that will satisfy their frail frames as they move on to yet another bin. They sleep, haphazardly, within the entry ways of the city's most frequented retail giants, some of which having fallen under scrutiny for contributing to rising housing costs in Seattle and, as a result, rising numbers of people in need of shelter.

Witnessing this daily, desperate scene is an escalated display of anything I've encountered in Providence.

And here's why:

In Providence, and particularly at Crossroads Rhode Island, we have deeply committed donors and community partners who are attuned to our mission and vision, and the issues related to homelessness.  They are dedicated to providing financial resources that assist our Crossroads team in securing affordable and stable housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. 

Oh, and for the record, many of our community partners also happen to be proudly home-based and headquartered in Rhode Island. They are both national and international corporations that are conscious

of the work that needs to be done to make our community better for all.

You may recognize them: Alex + Ani, Amica, Citizens Bank, CVS Health, IGT, FM Global, Hasbro, Swarovski, Textron, UNFI and Virgin Pulse.  

They get it.

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