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Barrington Couple Went From Living in a Car to their Own Apartment
By Crossroads Staff / March 2, 2017

By Joe Fullen

Homeless people live in every community, city, and town in our state. Sometimes they are invisible to the rest of us.

On a cold morning in December, John MacDonald, Crossroads Rhode Island's VP of Adult Services, received a call from a concerned citizen who was worried about a homeless couple who were seen sleeping in a vehicle in the parking lot of a Shaw’s Plaza in Barrington.

The Outreach Team was dispatched immediately and found the couple. David, his wife Anna, and their service dog were indeed living in their car.

Anna was suffering from cancer and was in desperate need of a safe place to live. David had given up his job to care for Anna, but without that income, they had lost their housing. David was afraid to leave Anna during the day to look for work, so he spent every minute with her.

The Crossroads Housing Locator team moved quickly to find suitable housing options for the couple, and soon they found an apartment in the East Bay area. It turned out to be exactly what the couple needed.

Community support was instrumental and deeply appreciated in getting the couple into an apartment in their own community without delay.

Now, David and Anna receive home-based, intensive case management. Anna is able to pursue regular treatment for her cancer. Before the intervention of a caring neighbor and the team at Crossroads, they had been overwhelmed with daily survival challenges and lacked expertise in connecting the resources that were available to them which they desperately needed.

Now that that Anna and David have stable housing, David is working with his local union to resume his work as a truck driver. With the assistance they received to secure an apartment, they have been able to connect to other community resources that can help Anna with daily medications and critical care while David is working.

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