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Crossroads Rhode Island, formerly Travelers Aid of Rhode Island, has been providing help to those in need in Rhode Island since 1894.

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Crossroads continuum of care helps thousands of homeless and disconnected men, women and children each year.

Crossroads provides essential life services to homeless families, women and men in Rhode Island. Our continuum of care includes:

  • Crisis Intervention and Case Management: this includes Emergency and Crisis Intervention services which cover most basic needs of Rhode Island’s homeless (emergency transportation, food, clothing, showers, laundry facilities and other basic needs); Case Management involves Case Advocates at Crossroads Rhode Island providing social services to each man, woman or family that comes to us for help.
  • Shelter and Housing: Crossroads Rhode Island provides a continuum of housing ranging from emergency shelter through transitional housing to permanent supportive housing to individual men and women, couples and families in Rhode Island.

  • Education and Vocational Services: Specific training programs include Certified Nursing Assistant, Animal Caretaker Training, and Janitorial. We also offer Pre-employment (also known as "Get hired!") training and adult education and GED preparation.
  • Health and Dental Care: In partnersihp with the Providence Community Health Centers, the health clinic at Crossroads 160 Broad St. address provides access to health and dental care for Rhode Island's adult homeless population.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the services provided at Crossroads Rhode Island.


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