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Crossroads Rhode Island, founded in 1894 as Travelers Aid, is now the leading homeless service organization in our state. We provide 24 hour assistance 7 days a week to homeless Rhode Islanders ranging from infants to octogenarians... from adults with only a 6th grade education to those with Ph.D.s.

Old Travelers Aid lobby
Crossroads Rhode Island was formerly known as Travelers Aid.

Our roots date back to 1894, when Travelers Aid of Rhode Island was founded to reach out to young women from the countryside who arrived at the Providence bus station in search of work. Some would become lost, others homeless. Many were hungry, lonely and afraid.

In 2004, we entered a new era - changing our name to Crossroads Rhode Island and moving into the nine-story, former Providence YMCA building at 160 Broad Street.

Crossroaads todayToday, with the help of compassionate donors, we are the largest homeless services organization in Rhode Island. Crossroads has become much more than a place for the homeless to sleep. Our programs can help find solutions to both immediate and long-term needs,that will allow individuals and families to, once again, become independent. Most often these neighbors, who come from all across the state, need just a little help to move forward.

Crossroads is a private, non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of our donors and supporters to provide the continuum of care we describe throughout this site.

To learn more about Crossroads Rhode Island watch the video below.

Meet some of our dedicated staff and courageous current and former clients and residents as they share their stories of stuggle and overcoming a difficult time in their lives.

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