Women’s Shelter

The Women’s Shelter at Crossroads Rhode Island provides extended stay and case management support for the growing number of homeless women in Rhode Island.

Two women talking to each other.
The service-enriched women's shelter at Crossroads provides a safe and respectful haven for homeless women.

The Shelter features 10 semi-private bedrooms, one wheelchair-accessible single room, a common living room, rejuvenation area and an outdoor patio area.

The unique shelter was designed for 41 women and has been full since opening in April 2008. Watch our recent video, There But For The Grace, to understand its impact.

The services offered to the women include:  on-site case management, 24-hour support staff, weekly meetings with our Vocational Services team, access to the Rapid Re-housing Program, and other events (yoga, knitting, art classes etc). 

In addition to this service-enriched shelter, and as the number of homeless women continues to increase, Crossroads also has an Emergency Shelter Program so no woman ever needs to sleep in an unsafe place.

Click here to download a PDF about the Women's Shelter at Crossroads Rhode Island

Click here to download our 2011 Report on Women and Homelessness
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