Crisis Intervention and Case Management

Crossroads employee speaking with people.
Crossroads' Case Advocates meet with clients regularly to work on their plans to move out of homelessness successfully.

Thousands of individuals and families in crisis come to Crossroads Rhode Island each year seeking help.  Their needs range from the very basic, such as a shower, to complex issues dealing with mental health, housing or employment.  Crossroads Case Advocates provide a continuum of care that includes the emergency and ongoing support to help address the needs of those in need.

  • Emergency and Crisis Intervention:  these services cover most basic needs of Rhode Island’s homeless including emergency transportation, food, clothing, showers, laundry facilities and other basic needs.
  • Case Management:  Case Advocates at Crossroads Rhode Island provide social services to each man, woman or family that comes to us for help. Case Advocates work with our guests and residents to develop plans for them to move out of homelessness and back into independence. They provide the support and referrals for our clients to be successful.
  • Outreach:  Crossroads offers a range of outreach services to the homeless who may not be ready to engage in the continuum of care.  We start by building a trusting relationship which may mean just sharing a cup of coffee or offering a blanket.  You may see the Crossroads Outreach Van on the road - our outreach staff seeks out homeless individuals living on the streets and checks in on them to ensure they are safe and to show we are there for them.  Our ultimate goal is to be availalbe when an individual is ready to engage in services.
  • The Crossroads Community Room:  Our community room, one of the few in the entire state, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This safe space provides a welcome respite for people sent back onto the streets from other overnight shelters at the crack of dawn. It offers protection from the weather, laundry facilities, showers and a place to store personal belongings.  Just as important, it is also a place for community meetings for clients and Case Advocates, and educational and informational sessions often provided by our Community Volunteers and Partners. On most nights, our Community Room also serves as an emergency overnight shelter for men unable to find shelter elsewhere.
  • Homeless Family Services:  Crossroads acts as the coordinator for the homeless families in the State.  When a family becomes homeless and is seeking help, they are often referred to Crossroads first.  We keep them safe in our Family Room until we can find the most appropriate shelter or housing that best fits their needs. 
  • Download a PDF about Crisis Intervention and Case Management at Crossroads.

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