How to HelpCrossroads Rhode Island's 2014 Holiday Gift Catalog offers great way to give back and help the homless this holiday season.

Donate Now - Every Amount Helps

Sadly, the this time of year can be the most trying time of the year for individuals and families in our community who are homeless - with anguish over all that they are lacking more pronounced during the holidays. It is on their behalf that we encourage you to look through our 2014 Holiday Gift Catalog and select one or more items that will help your homeless neighbors toward a more hopeful future.

The images here represent the areas where your financial support would help us in our mission to provide our clients with what they need to secure stable homes.

Other Ways to Contribute

Crossroads relies on the generosity of Rhode Islanders to continue providing the essential life services needed by so many homeless families and individuals in Rhode Island. There are many ways in which you can help:

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